Finance Brokers are key to building your property portfolio

Most of our clients understand that sometimes the process of securing finance can be painful and time consuming, which is why they appreciate working with us!  As our clients quickly discover, when acquiring new properties, the benefits of working with a finance broker far outweigh approaching the banks directly and here's why:

We know our clients and we're your advocate

We work closely with our clients so we develop a deep knowledge about their lifestyle and business plans, acting on your behalf.  We see ourselves as your partner and take a holistic view so we offer better, bespoke solutions. 

Expert Advice

With more than 50 years collective industry experience across our three principals, you’re able to access independent advice across a range of banking and finance products that you might not otherwise consider.  There are many steps in the loan process and we’ll provide advice at each step along the way.


We never look at a finance application in isolation.  We’ll make sure that you have a strategy in place for the short, medium and long term, which will allow you the flexibility to grow your assets and wealth over time.

We'll do the legwork

We act on your behalf, effectively tendering out your finance requirements to achieve better outcomes than you might otherwise be able to achieve by going directly to a bank. The more competitive tension there is for your application, the better outcome we’re going to achieve for you.

Saves time and energy

Anyone that has researched finance options or applied for finance will tell you that it can be a tiresome and frustrating process, potentially costing you time and money.  We’ll manage the loan process for you making sure that you secure competitive rates and that the process takes place in a timely manner.

We are always here to help

We proactively maintain regular contact with you to review progress over time and ensure your strategy is always current, relevant and on-track to meet your goals for the long term.

No cost to you

Our advice and services come at no cost to you so if you’re looking for a better finance solution, call us today on 1300 76 40 30