Choose Thatcher Finance

Our clients are commonly heard saying “we wish we’d met you earlier...” and that’s our goal when we meet all of our clients.


When we first meet a client, we delve deeply into their finances and personal aspirations so that we can provide a solution that’s great for now and will be flexible enough to allow our customers to achieve their life goals.  

Finance Education

Our team has had extensive banking experience and so we’re able to offer advisory services and strategy that you would otherwise be unable to gain access to.  Our aim is to educate you on what your choices and options are.  We share all of our inherited knowledge with our clients so that they can make a more educated and therefore informed decision in the lending process.

The Long Game

Our client relationships are of the upmost importance to us. Once we arrange a lending facility on your behalf, the relationship becomes and enduring one. We will guide you through the process and check in to make sure that you’re pleased with the results and stay in touch for the long term to keep you on track with your goals.

Plus you can call us anytime to discuss potential scenarios or situations with us.  Call it old fashioned, personal service!

Industry Leaders

As a preferred broker with many of the leading providers we’re able to negotiate highly competitive lending rates that you can’t achieve yourself or don’t know are available.

Our broad product knowledge allows us to offer innovative strategies for our clients that others won’t often consider (or know about!).


Few of us will lay claim to enjoying conversations about finance or money but it’s important that you take a proactive approach to your finances.  Finance doesn’t have to be boring.  Our view is that life is too short not to have fun! If you want to grow your personal and business wealth AND HAVE FUN along the way, contact us today.

Get in touch to get your finances working smarter, not harder.

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